Hi, I’m Eric. I’m an engineer in San Francisco for CoreOS where I work on authentication and authorization systems, contribute to upstream Kubernetes auth systems, and help build a Kubernetes distribution.

I previously built container platforms for deploying and managing machine learning APIs at a New York based startup (YC W15).

Open source:

  • dex: An OpenID Connect server which federates to other IdPs (LDAP, SAML, etc.)
  • go-oidc: OpenID Connect support for golang.org/x/oauth2.
  • pup: Like jq, but for HTML.
  • k8s: A slimmed down Kubernetes client that uses protobufs.


  • Writing Kubernetes Controllers (using Go!) - (video, 15 min) (slides) - Go SF 1.8 Release Party - February, 2017
  • Kubernetes Auth and Access Control - (video, 41 min) - KubeCon Seattle - October, 2016